Top quality heart surgery in Cuba for foreigners

very competitive costs of plastic surgery in Cuba Heart surgeons in Cuba are doing very complex open heart surgery procedures such as on-pump and off-pump coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) procedures including complete arterial revascularization. Their outcomes are excellent.

Cubans are justly proud of their health system - envied by other developing countries - but now it is also attracting the attention of far wealthier nations.

It's not about adding years to your life, but about adding life to your years.

Heart Surgery News

New heart protector developed in Cuba

80% of kids with leukemia get cured in CubaCuban scientists work on 422 research projects aimed at the prevention and treatment of cancer, cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases. One of them called CIGB- 500 and promoted by the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology is currently in clinical trials stage. This cardio-protective product is able to reduce the size of the infarcted area by 78.9 percent in acute myocardial infarction, which proves its worth considering that cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death in Cuba.

The 12 Differences Between A Woman's Heart And A Man's Heart

Whenever women's hearts are mentioned they always call to mind sensitivity and fragility. But this is actually a scientific fact. Besides women's hearts have finer veins that are more sensitive and more liable shrivel. They are very different from each other in terms of size too. A woman's heart is smaller compared to a man's. It is also less durable in an attack! Although heart diseases, which take first place in the world among causes of death, are often called "man's disease" half of women over forty die from cardiovascular disorders. There are many differences between a woman's heart and a man's heart and these differences require women's hearts to be handled with more care. Find below explained the 12 differences between a woman's heart and a man's heart.

60 grams smaller
A woman's heart is smaller than a man's heart. While the average weight of a woman's heart is 118 grams a man's heart weighs 60 grams more.

The veins are finer
A woman's veins are finer. Having veins that are an average of 1 mm thinner than men's makes women's hearts harder to work on.

More palpitations
Women have a looser valve structure. Heart valve disorders and complaints of palpitations are more frequent.

More sensitive veins
Veins in women's hearts are more sensitive and more liable to shrivel. The temporary shriveling that occurs in fine veins can cause chest pain originating from the heart that is not easily diagnosed.

Symptoms of diseases do not present as easily
Women's heart diseases do not present symptoms easily. EKG and effort tests often give normal results. Clinical doubts and risk factors should be considered and further tests should be run accordingly.

Less durable after a heart attack
Women's hearts are less durable against damage after an attack. Compared to men, women have a higher risk of death after a heart attack.

Causes atypical complaints
A diseased woman's heart often presents atypical symptoms. While chest pain is more prominent in men, women can often have shortness of breath, weakness, fatigue and bloating as prominent symptoms. This can lead to challenges in diagnosis.

Beats more
Women's hearts beat faster compared to men. For example, the daily average heart rate for men is 70-72 while this rate is 78-82. This causes palpitation and shortness of breath complaints to be observed more in women.

More sensitive to side effects
Women's hearts are especially more sensitive to drug side effects. Their tendency to develop rhythm disorders is higher compared to men.

More liable to develop clots
Women's hearts are more likely to develop clots compared to men. This becomes more prominent in women who use birth control and smoke.

But their veins are more resilient!
The veins of women's hearts are more resilient against heart disease. Compared to men there is a 10 year difference in the development of cardiovascular diseases. However this difference disappears after menopause.

Difficult to determine in tests
A disease that develops in a woman's heart often has more effect on one vein. This can make it hard to determine in tests. Many women do not show the necessary care and sensitivity to their heart health. Maintaining ideal weight, not neglecting the treatment of existing conditions such as hypertension or diabetes, staying away from cigarettes, having a healthy Mediterranean diet and staying away from stress will help keep the delicate woman's heart healthy.

This month Cuba model cardiology and cardiovascular surgery program cost:
Coming soon: pacemaker, bypass costs


Hospitalization in private room category III (included the feeding and nursing attention) 18 days.

Medical assistance attention to hospitalized patient

Hospitalization in intensive cares, opened cardiovascular surgery for 3 days Initial evaluation and taking medical history


Consultation with Stomatology Specialist

Prophylaxis with set of instruments

Consultation of Anesthesia

Consultation with specialist of Cardiovascular Surgery


Pre-surgical and post-surgical Researches

Complete hemogram

Complete Iongram

Complete Coagulogram

Erythrocyte sedimentation rate









Nasopharyngeal Exudates

X-rays of Thorax (1)

Blood type and Rh factor

Complete Gasometry

Entire proteins in blood serum

Antibodies test against the HIV

Serology VDRL

Markers hepatitis B (SUMA)

Markers hepatitis C (SUMA)

Cardiologic Researches

Simple Tele-cardiogram

Electrocardiogram (pre-post-surgical)

Right heart Catheterization (if it was necessary)

Coronarygraphies if it was necessary

Surgical procedure. General anesthesia and deep venous canalization

Mitral valvular replacement w/cec oxygenation of membrane cardioplegia

Post-surgical rehabilitation (15 sessions)

Medical report, conclusions and recommendations

Price: 24.101,00 CUC

Notes: Accompanist's accommodation 40.00 CUC daily with included meals

Upon evaluation of the patient by specialists the exact cost of the Program can change.

There are not included the medicines, hemoderivates even the procedures for Stomatology as results of the corresponding consultations.

The patient has to remain in Cuba for 21 days after realized the surgical intervention, although he is on hospital discharge.